“It is believed that all individual students have the capability to succeed in life, to be happy, and to be proud of themselves. No matter the background of the students, no matter what they believe and think of themselves right now, they have the keys to success within them.”

At FFPS ’, this process is started as early as in the Pre- Primary classes and goes right up to the higher level . The staff  at school is absolutely committed to ensure that all students can make the most of their opportunities, and receive personalised support in their quest to become successful life-long learners.

When an individual teacher believes this, he or she can improve a life. When large numbers of teachers believe it, especially those who are working as a team within their own organization, they can do a whole world of good. There is systematic evidence that teachers who have a strong sense of their own efficacy, who believe that they can make a real difference in their students’ lives, really do.

Mrs. Dimple Sharma