The school´s academic session commences is from April – March every year.

As the academic year commences in April, maximum enrollments take place in the month Jan-march. We advise that you plan and complete the admission of your child in advance to avoid the rush period, as the Admissions Team reviews applications for new admissions from January  each year.

In order to take your interest for admission forward, we encourage you to make an appointment with our Admission Counselors and visit our campus. Our Admission Counselor looks forward to welcoming you to our campus for a tour and providing details about the school, curricular and extracurricular activities.


Parents may contact Admissions Department for admission in the current session to check availability of seats.


Stage 1:

Parents / Guardian are expected to visit the school campus to understand the culture and ethics of the institution, whether it is in sync with their expectations from the school that they will choose for their child. FFPS Admissions department will present details on the infrastructure, capacity, availability of seat, values and ethics, discipline and vision of the school.

Stage 2:

Registration forms along with prospectus are available in the school admission department/ Web side ( at Downloads ). Complete registration forms can be filled at the school admission office. Registration will however only be complete on receipt of the appropriate fee made payable to Future Foundation Premium School.

Stage 3:

The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure all documents are in order. The child will be met to ensure that there is no special help needed for the child and the school is equipped to handle if there is any medical condition that the child is suffering.

Parents may contact Admissions Department for admission in the current session to check availability of seats.


All Nationalities

Document Checklist (to be submitted to admission office)

Color  Photo (passport size), Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate (from previous school, if applicable), Photocopy of previous school Mark-sheets (originals to be submitted at admissions time, if applicable) Vaccination / Medical reports.

Admission Procedure, Terms and Conditions:

Entrance Test/ interview/interaction.

(A) There will be a written test for students seeking admission to class 1st on on-wards. Only those candidates who clear the written test will be eligible for admission .

(B) Interview/interaction for pre–primary wing.

Non- Refund of fee:

Fees once paid is not refundable for any reason what so ever. Fees to be paid in 4 quarters April (1-10), July (1-10), Oct(1-10),Jan (1-10) of Rs.5 per day fine will be levied from 11th  on-wards.

Withdrawal Rules:-

Application for withdrawal to be made on prescribed format available in the school office. No child is withdrawn till a written request from parents is put up. One-month notice period is required for withdrawn.

Transport Rules:

Request for using the van must be made at the beginning of the session rest on i.e. April no request will be entertained at the mid- session.

Existing routes will continues to play change in routes and bus stops will not be entertained during the session.

Right of alteration /modification:

Management reserves the right to modify after and for include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the institution.

Medical Facility:

The School provides facilities of first- Aid only.

For Further Information, please contact

*The counselors will help out with the admission process.

FFPS Age Criteria ( for admission process )

Nursery :-   Minimum age 3+ years to below 4 years as on march 31st

L.K.G      :-    Minimum age 3.6 years to below 5 years as on march 31st

H.K.G      :-Minimum age 4.6 years to 6 years as on march 31st

Ist :- Minimum age 5+ years to below 7 years as on march 31st

IInd :- Minimum age 6+ years to 7 years as on march 31st

IIIrd :- Minimum age 7+ years to 8 years as on march 31st

IV th :- Minimum age 8+ years to 9 years as on march 31st

Vth :- Minimum age 9+ years to 10 years as on march 31st

VIth :- Minimum age 10+ years to 11 years as on march 31st

VIIth :- Minimum age 11+ years to 12 years as on march 31st

VIIIth Minimum age 12+ years to 13 years as on march 31st