CURRICULAM :-  Each child goes through four significant learning phases in his / her schooling – Formation, Foundation, Focus and Success.


Our FFPS kindergarten has grown from strength to strength it’s now known as one of the for most kindergarten in the city. The importance of early year education cannot be under estimated at FFPS . Our curriculum of kindergarten is totally phonics based . Our philosophy is we believe in “ THE CHILD SAYING I CAN’T LEARN THE WAY YOU TEACH, TEACH ME THE WAY I CAN LEARN ” .  It’s a world class curriculum focused on their individual learning needs to ensure that learning takes place till the deepest levels . Our major plus point is teacher child ratio . We have 25 children in each section and each class has its own maid . Who assists the child and teacher in every way . We are proudly say , we have an excellent team of highly trained teaching staff .

To enhance the physical growth and development of the children , we have a dedicated sports programme to improve the Gross & Fine motor skills of the child run by saksham  Edu . sports co.

THE FOUNDATION YEAR:-The  Primary class( I to V)

The primary wings of FFPS is a happy place, where great care is taken to safe guard the emotional and physical well-being of a child.

The primary school is the first steps forward for our little ones as the enter class I . The basic inputs that the child has been provided at the formative stage are consolidated at this level as the student’s become capable of understanding basic concepts of various subjects .

English language and math  are on the time table every day .  Reading is an important  aspects  of learning any language and there is a well stocked library at the junior school.

Children are encouraged to participate in the popular  “ show and Tell ” activity which encourage  speaking skills besides confidence building and follow the House system to make team Spirit and co-operation also .

THE FOCUS YEAR:- Middle  school ( class VI to VIII ) :-

When the child enters class VI , the school helps them make the transition from a protected environment to one where they develop their individuality and personality .

The child is also encouraged to develop their interest in specific subjects as per their aptitude and specialize in their chosen areas.

Children are natural scientists and at FFPS they are encouraged to explore and observe , use their logic and analyze and then come to conclusion. We provide our young learners with ample opportunities to apply what they have learnt in the form of project displays and experiments conduct.

They can chose the third language according to their interest , co-curricular activities such as Art , Drama, Dance , Music and sports etc given lots of importance as the play a crucial role in the all round development of each child .


FFPS provides for student with a range of abilities, we have learning support of teacher’s to work with students who may finds some aspects of the curriculum in their challenging .

The role of learning support teacher includes:

  • Assessment of student’s need .
  • Working with class teachers to provide help to the students, who need additional support.
  • Creating a plan with targets to address specific needs of the students . It is important that school staff and parent’s work together and collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for students .