Mission: We will to empower all students to Be Good, Do Good and Be One. We therefore, aspire to develop outstanding world class citizens, who can contribute to the well being of their society through positive thoughts and actions.

Our Vision: To create Responsible, Independent individual. who have the knowledge to make whole world is your own home, attitude to become a good human being in any circumstances and courage to stand on the path of  truth

Our values:

  • Courage & excellence :- We value the courage  required to dedicate pursue excellence in all facts of life .We respect the drive for distinction that results in a well rounded personality.
  • Courage& Opportunity :- We value the courage required to go out of comfort  zones and grab Opportunities , no matter how daunting , they may seem . We value the ability to recognize the strengths as well as that of recognizing weakness and improving upon them .
  • Courage & Commitment :- We value the courage required for one to fined  their path and the ability to commit to it which is also lending a helping  hands to others – friends and colleagues – who need it.
  • Courage & Respect :- We value the courage that is required to be respect full and mind full of differing opinions, cultures and traditions, we value those who respect the school, its properties and its environs.